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Saturday, September 15th 2012

8:31 PM

Soul Searching...

 I've just been viewing a documentary, Science of the Soul, on H2. Among the participants was Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus in the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona, where he also serves as the Director of the Center for Consciousness Studies. He responds to the interviewer's opening query:

"I’ve been asked basically if it’s possible that consciousness can exist outside the brain in the case when the brain has stopped being perfused and the heart has stopped and so forth. I think we can’t rule it out. I think it’s possible because in the model that Penrose and I developed-and I should say this is my speculation and Roger wouldn’t go there-but I would say that since consciousness is happening it seems to us at the level of spacetime geometry, the most fundamental level of the universe, or at least down to that level in the brain in and around the microtubules, right now while we’re conscious, while we’re talking.

"If that’s the case then when the brain stops functioning some of this quantum information might not be lost or dissipated or destroyed but could persist in some way in this fundamental level of spacetime geometry which it seems is not local and something like holographic repeating in scale and distances and persists perhaps even indefinitely at a finer scale, which would be a higher frequency, smaller scale but also lower energy. And it could exist somewhat indefinitely.

"I’ve been interviewed a couple of times recently about cases of reincarnation where the evidence was pretty compelling. There is no way that, for example, a child could know details about a World War II pilot who died 40 years previously across the world but knew things that were shockingly revealing. Of course there are endless accounts of this sort of thing. They’ve been written off in the past because well, there’s no possible way that could occur.

"But here’s the way it could possibly occur. Consciousness could occur at the fundamental level of spacetime geometry when the brain stops being perfused. It doesn’t dissipate but remains together by entanglement. So an individual’s personality, consciousness, memory, soul if you will, could be entangled in a quantum sense and persist as fluctuations in the time scale of the universe.

"That could happen. I’m not saying it does. I don’t claim any evidence, but it’s a possibility. It’s a scientific possibility. I think it’s logical and I don’t see any-whether it’s testable or not is another question. I think it could be in some sense but I think it’s a logical possibility and it could happen scientifically."

Essentially, Dr. Hameroff's anticipating the fifth milennium process by which Jack Mason's consciousness is extracted from his body through quantum teleportation and accorded abilities that only a massless entity can possess, among them time travel and controlling the minds of the "ordinary" humans whom he encounters on his peregrinations in spacetime. For more detail, take a look at http://www.skeptiko.com/stuart-hameroff-on-quantum-consciousness-and-singularity/ ...

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