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Wednesday, June 12th 2013

2:49 PM

Cocktail Chat, Summer 2013


The Jack Mason Saga; Cocktail Chat
Jack Mason captures female hearts of many generations...
June 2013
Introducing the Free Soul…

Those futurists who thought about it at all saw its coming much earlier, but the first viable “Free Soul” turned out to be a long time coming. Converting human consciousness to a massless force field capable of time travel and other god-like capabilities doesn’t happen until the fifth millennium (A.D. 4231). The soul in question's the organic storage-resident person of wealthy investor, aviator, philanthropist and lover John Henry (Jack) Mason.

Why did it take so long, given many other rapid developments in the physical sciences, beginning with the discovery of the atomic nucleus in the 20th century? Suffice it to say that this application of quantum physics turned out to be a harder nut to crack than anyone suspected. I'm betting that few people today associate “soul” with anything outside religion. Belief in an afterlife's a cornerstone of most, if not all, religious faiths. Simply stated, most share Hamlet’s anticipation of “…shuffling off this mortal coil” to their reward in the Great Beyond. Turns out they're probably right, but various physicists’ recent subatomic particle research indicates that there's a great deal more to it than clerics address in their Sabbath speeches to the faithful. Specifically, they see the soul as it exists within a living body as a manifestation of consciousness itself.

Doctors Stuart Hameroff and Deepak Chopra, in their article, The “Quantum Soul”: A Scientific Hypothesis, make a convincing case for the feasibility of a soul free of bodily constraints. The article’s abstract states: “The concept of consciousness existing outside the body (e.g. near-death and out-of body experiences, NDE/OBEs, or after death, indicative of a ‘soul’) is a staple of religious traditions, but shunned by conventional science because of an apparent lack of rational explanation. However conventional science based entirely on classical physics cannot account for normal in-the-brain consciousness.

The Penrose-Hameroff ‘Orch OR’ model (Orchestrated Objective Reduction) is a quantum approach to consciousness, connecting brain processes (microtubule quantum computations inside neurons) to fluctuations in fundamental spacetime geometry, the fine scale structure of the universe. Recent evidence for significant quantum coherence in warm biological systems, scale-free dynamics and end-of-life brain activity support the notion of a quantum basis for consciousness which could conceivably exist independent of biology in various scalar planes in spacetime geometry. Sir Roger Penrose does not necessarily endorse such proposals which relate to his ideas in physics. Based on Orch OR (however), we offer a scientific hypothesis for a ‘quantum soul’.”

Well, that's a bit of heavy sledding, but given the enormity of the authors' conclusion, it's about as succinct a summary as can be made. Note that the Sir Roger Penrose of the above paragraph is a highly respected British physicist who's the co-holder, with Stephen Hawking, of the 1988 Wolf Prize in Physics for “…have(ing) greatly enlarged our understanding of the origin and possible fate of the Universe.” The "soul hypothesis," in other words, is supported by an impressive collection of first-order minds. And
Jack Mason’s its first personification!

Join me in the multi-millennial Jack Mason Saga, as we follow an exceptional small-town Georgia boy through several iterations of post-humanity to a condition regularly confused with godhood as he visits times past! The Saga’s third book, Angels Four Five, will be released in time for Christmas gift buying, but in the meantime, those who’d like to start at the beginning and see how Jack finds himself in line for immortality, The Rough English Equivalent and The Quintessence of Quick will put you in touch with how he gets to the threshold…
A Close-Up View of "the Scow," Continuing
Contact With Eons of Earth's Civilizations!
[Witnesses naturally (but mistakenly) assume that a craft that performs like "The Scow" is of extraterrestrial origin]

["Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."-Arthur C. Clarke]

From a witness in Arizona:
"We watched it go out over the valley and as it did the light pattern now appeared to have a V shape, with the point down. It was as if it was in a low orbit around the curvature of the earth that was only 100 feet or so over the elevation of my house and on a course that had exactly intersected the street right in front of my house and continued straight through a notch in the mountain peaks. It was like a huge arrow being launched from the distant northwest that shot right through the small notch in our mountain peaks at Hatcher Pass. We watched it for a few more minutes as it continued its course out over the valley. Finally we lost the 5 lights in the mix of other aircraft lights and atmosphere over Phoenix.

Once it was out of sight, we all continued to stand outside and talk. We were all excited because we knew we had just had the most unique experience in the world. We certainly couldn’t talk about the complete meaning of the event at that moment. It would literally take me months of daily reflection on my memory of the event to decipher so much information. But at that moment, when the craft had just passed over us, I summed up all my immediate perceptions and feelings and thoughts into one conclusion: this craft was not from this world. As a matter of fact, right after the craft passed over and I was watching move away, I said to my wife, “whoever has this technology must be in cahoots with God”.

I know that some people might not want to hear me speak of God and UFO’s in the same breath, but my comment about God is part of what happened at that moment and is very much a part of this sighting. There is no satisfactory worldly explanation for what we saw. Realize that lots of folks saw the lights from various distances and angles, and some videotaped them. A few witnesses also saw the actual structure with the lights set in it. Our family was fortunate enough to see the whole thing close up. This craft is a reality, and anyone that saw any part of its activity, recognized that it was completely out of the normal human experience on the earth. But this craft is now part of that human experience, and if you ask most of the humans that experienced it, they would say it was probably an extraterrestrial craft.

In regards to my family, it comes down to believing us that we are being honest and truthful in describing the fantastic details of what we experienced. If you were to ask me what I think about it, I would say that it is an extraterrestrial craft. I say this because the science and technology of this amazing craft is not understood or explainable by anyone from our world. What we saw is “impossible”, and yet we did see it. And what we saw was so geometrical and acted under such absolute control, that I had the overwhelming impression that it was of human origin.

I know it’s difficult to equate “extraterrestrial” and “human” but that’s how I felt at the time and still do. And finally my perception was that whoever such wondrous technology had had to be “in cahoots with God”. These “visitors” deliberately allowed their technology to be seen and even videotaped, by just everyday people, for some reason. They did not “show” themselves to the military or any “official” group. Rather, they communicated to the people. My understanding is that these visitors are here to help our world. Our family prays that this is so, and look forward to a better future for all the people of the world." (Copyright ©1998, Tim Ley)

See Facebook's Fan Page for The Jack Mason Saga's major facelift!
The Jack Mason Saga

I'll bet that there are people you know who'd enjoy Cocktail Chat! Please ask them to go to the FREE registration box, just to the left of this lovely rum-swilling chicquita, at stanhayes.com

©2013, Highside Press,1055 Riverbend Club Dr., Atlanta, GA 30339

The Jack Mason Saga Joins Amazon's Kindle Revolution!

The novels of the Jack Mason Saga are now available as Amazon Kindle editions! Kindle owners, and users of Amazon's free Kindle for PC application, may now enjoy the Saga's story and characters at a minor fraction of the cost ($9.99) of the printed editions. And the news is even better for Amazon Prime customers, who may read the Saga free of charge! See details and order at JMS Saga on Kindle.

The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-book readers now in its fourth generation. Amazon Kindle eReaders enable users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other digital media via wireless networking. At the close of 2010, Amazon announced that in the United States, their e-book sales had surpassed sales of paperback books for the first time.

The e-book boom, of which Kindle's a major part, is just one indication that book publishing is undergoing a serious readjustment. Some cite Borders’ recent failure, but for most the prevailing assumption seems to be that anyone who takes the trouble to write a book- a good book- will, sooner or later, find a market for his work. The truth is, I've yet to talk to an author who began writing as an economic exercise. Writers write because it's an itch that absolutely has to be scratched. But writers who KEEP writing must bear the ultimate destination of the work, the marketplace, firmly in mind.

And, as noted above, the marketplace has changed in a major way, with much more change to come. Jeff Bezos saw the handwriting on the wall in 1994, founding Amazon in his garage. His foresight and ability have made the company the largest book retailer in the world. According to Forbes, Amazon's shares have "defied gravity" in 2011, too, jumping 55%, adding $6.5 billion to his net worth.

Novel writers serve the most fickle segment of the publishing market, so when I finished book #1,
The Rough English Equivalent, I decided to forego the classic query letters and multiple mailings of manuscripts to prospective agents. Instead, I published the book with a "print on demand" (POD) publisher.

The result was a beautifully crafted book, complete with its International Standard Book Number (ISBN), pricing, and listing on Amazon. When I saw MY book on MY Amazon page, I changed my focus that day. NO pursuit of agents and "regular" publishers; I’d promote my books’ presence on Amazon as both author and publisher, AKA Highside Press.

There is, however, something even more important than the absolute control that the online book marketer retains over his creation. That's the ability to carry on a running dialogue with his readers. It goes beyond the fun of sharing background thoughts and inside information with you, my Cocktail Chat subscribers, and of your sharing your thoughts about The Jack Mason Saga's books by putting your reviews of them on My Amazon Page.

And for two-way communication, just go to the Saga’s Facebook Fan Page. There we can discuss any Saga factor- characters, motivation, historical background- or absolutely anything else that might occur to you or me at a particular day and time. Just go to The Jack Mason Saga.

Thanks, everyone, for following Jack, our flesh-and-blood contemporary, forward in time as he transcends the human body's limits and becomes a massless force field, unencumbered by the constraints of time and place. I'm looking forward with pleasure to entertaining the hell out of you!
The JMS Task Force...

As I've said in earlier Cocktail Chats, the world's changed a lot in the past hundred years, but what's coming in the new century will make the 20th look like it had its feet stuck in molasses. All of the physical sciences- physics, biochemistry, cybernetics, metallurgy and several more- are converging, at an explosively increasing rate, on the objective of extending human life expectancy. The ultimate result of that convergence? At this point, no one can say. But one thing's for sure; IT'S THE BIG STORY of this century, hands down.

The Jack Mason Saga's second novel, The Quintessence of Quick

Speculating about it, of course, is what makes The Jack Mason Saga really fun- too damn much fun not to share with as many readers as possible! So, Cocktail Chatters, please:

Ask a friend, one friend, whom you're certain will follow through on your request, to subscribe to Cocktail Chat.

The more I can pass along about the projected future of humanity, the more likely you are to become a kind of evangelist for the Saga. To become, if you choose, a member of the ad hoc Jack Mason Saga Task Force. You know what word-of-mouth and customer referrals are worth, so please help me spread the word and I'll do everything I can to insure that everyone enjoys reading the Saga as much as I enjoy writing it!

And speaking of the future...

See you next time!

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