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Tuesday, September 23rd 2008

6:04 AM

Review #1, from Amazon:

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The Jack Mason Saga begins with
The Rough English Equivalent...  

"Atheist saves free world,
gets into grits..."

A reader from New York to

"There's no other word- hilarious! Cross John Irving with Lewis Grizzard (if you dare), whisk in a touch of John LeCarré, and you have Stan Hayes' Rabelaisian The Rough English Equivalent. This is over-the-top black comedy, tracking an ex-intelligence agent and his raffish retinue from Berlin to Tobacco Road, Havana and Miami. It is, without a doubt, the funniest NON-affirmation of faith I ever hope to read. Thumbing its nose at every known convention, Stan Hayes draws readers quickly into his characters' riotous lives, inviting them to question promises of eternal rewards for irrational behavior, sharpen their sense of the absurd and get their sides seriously split in the bargain.

In 1946, a strapping, steely-eyed New Yorker punctures Bisque (BIS-kew), Georgia's self-satisfied small-town stupor. Cuba-bound Moses Kubielski's steaming Buick limousine has stranded him there, and nine-year-old Jack Mason escorts the exotic stranger to Hotel Bisque, introducing him to his mother Serena, the manager. Poleaxed by desire, Moses pursues her in the Yankee manner, buying the town movie house on the spot, hammering around in a glittering Harley-Davidson sidecar rig to promote it and in general serving notice that, for him, the town's "old ways" are just that. Committed to returning to New York and succeeding as a sculptor, Serena deflects Moses' marriage proposal, and passion gives way to sex-sprinkled friendship.

Acquiring the Hamm County Beverage Company with Serena's father, Moses settles onto the fringe of Bisque's bourgeoisie. Gradually assuming a pivotal role in Jack's life, he shows him, time and again, how a finger is stuck in the eye of the establishment. But the unexpected appearance of an old comrade, and tightening security around the plutonium-spawning Savannah River Project, threaten to reveal his past. Moses reacts, dusting off his espionage skills to insure that the fruits of his Bisque burghership are secured for the boy. And Jack, not yet twenty, joins his role model and a wartime colleague/KGB agent in the commission of a crime that promises to make him rich.

Hayes slices and dices small-town shibboleths left and right as he traces Jack's course from boyhood to his early twenties. And by the way; you'll never look at a Buick in the same way again!"

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